the guild of jam and preserve makers

The Guild of Jam and Preserve Makers

The Guild of Jam and Preserve Makers is a specialist membership organisation representing artisan and home production of jams and preserves.

By joining together as a community there can be mutual benefits, we have a unified voice and are one body of people for authorities and others to interact with.

It's aims are to . . .

  • promote and encourage jam and preserve making both in the UK and Internationally
  • provide an information source to jam makers gathered from industry professionals and talented amateurs
  • provide a framework for jam makers to develop,to share information and to create a like-minded community for mutual support

Trading Standards - Primary Authority

We are the first membership organisation in the UK to enter into a Primary Authority Agreement with Trading Standards, providing a legally assured, streamlined service under qualifying membership. Via this service we also easily access support and information from Environmental Health, The Food Standards Agency, and Defra.

Through this initiative we are considered a trusted stakeholder by UK Government and are as such, notified of any relevant developments within the industry and also form part of the consultation process for any proposed changes.

In this way your membership provides you with a direct voice through the Guild straight to the heart of what matters.

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The Guild Founder

The Guild of Jam and Preserve Makers was founded by Rosemary Jameson in 2010.

Rosemary has been making jams and preserves since the age of 5 and now actively spends time in the world of artisnal jam and preserve making, including teaching jam and preserve making and Master Classes, talks and demonstrations, and writing.

Let's find out more about Rosemary and The Jam Guild . . .

Simply Preserved Magazine

In January 2019 we launched our own digital Simply Preserved magazine, free to members, but also available to non-members as a paid subscription. It is packed with articles such as 'Meet the Artisan', industry news, advice from Trading Standards plus dates for your diary and news about shows and events. There are recipes to try and equipment reviews and our research for the magazine is already highlighting very important areas that need investigation which we will be bringing to Trading Standards at the earliest opportunity.

Join the Guild

Membership is easy and uncomplicated - and cost effective. We won't be trying to sell you endless add-ons, just bringing you trustworthy advice from the heart of the industry.

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