Benefits of Guild Membership

Simply Preserved Magazine

Each member of The Guild receives FREE access to our quarterly digital magazine Simply Preserved. It is packed full of articles and information - very few advertisements - and you could always contribute an article of your own.

Aimed at home producers, artisans and anybody who is nuts about jams and preserves. On sale to non-members for £2.50 per issue.

Regular Email Newsletter

In between the quarterly magazines publications members are updated on news and views with email newsletters.

Knowledge Base Article Library

We are building an on-line library of technical articles which deliver information in a no-nonsense jargon-free format. They are an invaluable resource which we are adding to all of the time. It is free for members to access for their own use. Each article has been factually checked by Trading Standards or the appropriate agency.

Artisan Advice & Support via Email [Silver Member]

Get professional jam and preserve making support and advice via email.
Limited to one preserve-related question per month.

Artisan Advice, Support and Mentorship [Gold Member]

One-to-one mentoring up to 5 hours per year, either face-to-face, video call, email or telephone. All jam and preserve questions covered and if we don't know the answer (unlikely) we know some people that do. We have Trading Standards, Environmental Health, Food Standards Agency and Defra ready and able to advise under the Primary Authority Scheme. If you need direct advice from them then this can be arranged as a hourly paid service.

Bespoke Artisan Insurance Offer

We are delighted to be able to offer a bespoke preserves business insurance policy and access to specialist advice from our business partners Coversure Insurance. This is available to Silver members and at a reduced price for gold members.

Discounted Label Approval Service

Discounted checking service giving legally assured sign-off for jam and preserve product labels.

Member of our Trading Standards Primary Authority

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Trading Standards (C&PTS) are now working with the Guild of Jam and Preserve Makers in a nationally recognised Primary Authority Partnership and all Guild members who join our Gold Membership scheme will benefit from the legally assured advice and guidance provided by C&PTS. The scheme is managed by the national government Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). Details of the scheme can be found by visiting

There are some slight complications caused by Scottish and Welsh devolution but these are actively being addressed.

Benefits of Primary Authority

The Guild, as a trade association, is now able to receive advice and guidance from CPT&S to provide members who agree to join the partnership with something they can legally rely upon. In practical terms the scheme helps to remove regulatory burdens and can reduce compliance costs/uncertainty. It provides a single source of advice on legal compliance that trading standards and environmental health officers across
England will recognise. It will be particularly helpful in the “grey” areas of legislation and practical interpretation and will enable us to provide members with maximum support. Trading Standards and Environmental Health food experts are now available to help ensure regulatory compliance and provide general guidance on matters of interest to all members.

Membership Plans

We offer three levels of Guild Membership.

There is an introductory Associate Member plan which provides access to our Simply Preserved Magazine and our library of online Knowledge Base articles.

Ther are then two Artisan plans which go on to offer support and advice for the Artisan producer. Our Gold plan encompasses the Trading Standards Primary Authority.